Fiji trip!

Bula!  It means hello in Fiji.  It has been a while since I last blogged which is 2 months ago.  After many missions trips this year, I have decided to get some rest for 2 months.  Plus I need to raise financial support from individuals and churches.  I have not yet meet the support goal but I have made some progress.  Please pray for me to find more supporters and meet the financial goal.

Tomorrow (November 21st) I will go to Fiji for Bible translation workshop.  Fiji is located in southwest Pacific Ocean, near Australia and New Zealand.  Anyway, I will lead the workshop there and train them to translate their Fijian sign language.  It’s my first time to go Pacific Ocean region.  I’m really exciting to learn their culture, customs, food, sign language, etc.  There will be 3 of us on team, pray for us to arrive Fiji safely and guide us to train deaf translators.  Of course, I will share some pics with you for this trip.  God bless you all!


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