Support Deaf School in Congo

In 2020 we established a deaf school in Kavumu, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Kavumu is a small village located in South Kivu province in east DRC.  There are over 100 deaf kids and 7 teachers in this school.  Most deaf in DRC couldn’t read, write and sign language so there is a huge need for deaf kids in DRC to have an education.  In order to have a productive life in DRC, they need to have an education first.

Our church in Orlando has been providing ongoing support to this school. But undoubtedly, we need more people to come alongside us and support the school and these students who are eager to continue learning and growing. We are hopeful for more partners like you that can commit to a monthly support for this school in DRC. Your monthly support would help cover the operation of this school, including but not limited to: teachers’ wages, food & medicine for children and teachers. In addition, we are currently providing housing for 60 deaf kids at a rental home.

The total monthly cost for the school to make an impact in the life of deaf children and provide education to over 100 children is $700: rental home for kids costs $250 a month, food for all kids and teachers is $200 a month, and teachers’ wages is $250 a month.

Right now, we are at 32% of the monthly budget.  Help us reach 100% of the monthly budget by giving $25, $50, $100 or other amount a month. You can be part of a child’s education with your monthly commitment. 

To support deaf school in Congo, you can go online and start donating today through the link below.  

Link –

  1. After you click a link above, put down an amount you want to donate.
  2. Choose one-time payment or recurring payment. For recurring, you can choose weekly, every 2 weeks, or monthly.
  3. Use Missions Offering for Funds.
  4. Type Mike Geckle under Memo. Very important!

See a picture below for online payment.

Pictures at deaf school in Congo.