Central Asia Workshop Report

Greetings! The workshop went well despite limited hours of DOT workshop on each day for 2 weeks. They had their own Bible school in the mornings and DOT workshops in the afternoons. They understood translation methodology for translate God’s Word into their sign language. They worked hard and faced some challenges for difficult verses. They have learned a lot. Pray that they will continue to translate God’s Word in the near future. It was a blessing to see them work hard and encourage each other.

They were checking their videos and encourage to improve their translation. The group picture was for Bible Class.

They’re setting a studio up for final filming. The tech person was learning about editing videos. 2 translators did their own chapter.

Great fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ. A group picture after they received certificates.

Next Mission is Central Asia.

Greetings! Just want to let you know that I will travel to Central Asia tomorrow for DOT event. This is my first time to travel to Central Asia. It’s a great opportunity to expand there. I’m looking forward to it! Here are my prayer requests below…

  • All 4 of us will arrive there safely. No postpones or cancellations.
  • Help us to communicate better with deaf people in Central Asia.
  • Wisdom and guidance during the workshop.
  • For deaf people in Central Asia to open their hearts for God’s Word in their sign language.

I will update with this mission trip. Thank you very much for your support!