Honduras, here we come!

Greetings to all!  I’m back on mission very shortly.  This time will be annual deaf camp in Honduras.  This is not Bible translation workshop that I have been on missions before.  It will be a nice change of pace for me.  I will be in a large group to travel to Honduras.  There will be 9 of us.  I’m really looking forward to be there and share God’s Word with deaf people in San Pedro Sula.  Please pray for us for safety, protection, provision and guidance.  Also, pray for deaf people in camp to open their hearts and be willing to change for the Lord.  God bless you all!

Prayer for our group at church


Workshop was a SUCCESS!

Greetings!  I arrived home on Sunday afternoon.  Since then, I’m recovered from jet lag but still have nagging illness (travelers diarrhea).  It’s not fun but I know I get better soon.  But anyway, the workshop went so well, better results than I was expecting.  They have completed a whole Book of Mark!  I’m very proud of them.  They really helped and encouraged each other.  Pray for them to continue to translate for other books in New Testament.  I want to share pictures we took in Eswatini (formerly Swaziland, located in southern Africa).


Eswatini is a beautiful mountainous country.  The weather is cooler at this time of year, around 70 degrees during day and 40 degrees at night.


I began to lead a workshop and taught them to translate God’s Word into their heart sign language.  And, yes, there is a fire in the chimney!  It’s cold.  🙂 


We started the day for worship and devotions.  Then they started to working on Scriptures and expressing on their sign language.  We encouraged and helped them to understand God’s Word.


A lot of drafting on tablets and then get ready to set up a studio.  They started to work on final filming. 


Video editing training session


Group picture