2020 Summer Report

Hello all!

Last time I wrote a blog/newsletter was on May 26th.  There aren’t a lot of activities since then because of coronavirus, we couldn’t travel anywhere outside of US.  But I have been keeping in touch with leaders in Africa.  In some sign language groups in Africa, they are continuing to translate books of New Testament despite coronavirus.  I have been impressed with their enthusiasm and work ethic.  They are making sure they are safe from coronavirus by wearing masks and social distancing in workshops.  Some other groups are on hold due to restrictions by their governments.  

There is a good possibility that 4 sign language groups will complete New Testament by end of this year.  2 sign language groups in Cameroon (Anglophone and Francophone) and 2 sign language groups in India (Tamil and Malayalam).  There are few countries in the world that has multiple sign languages.  I’m really exciting for them to complete New Testament!

I have some prayer requests…

  1. Pray for sign language groups are continuing to translate this year. Protect them from coronavirus and enemy.  Wisdom and guidance to help them translate God’s Word into their sign language.
  2. Pray for DOT to continue to keep in touch with leaders from countries and outreach to sign languages groups that doesn’t have their sign languages in Bible yet.  
  3. Pray for other countries to open doors for us so we, Americans, can travel internationally. We can start workshops with deaf translators in their countries.

I’m doing well.  I’m taking MTI (Multicultural Theological Institute) online classes this fall.  It’s my fourth and last year to complete.  Really looking forward to learn more about God’s Word!  Since coronavirus started to spreading in America last March, I spend a lot more quality time with God and His Word than ever.  I’m much more spiritual than ever!

It’s been little difficult to raise financial support with coronavirus going on especially with churches.  Now that more churches are opening for services (in person), I’m going to start to reach out to local churches.  Pray for opportunities for churches to support me financially.

Thank you very much for your continued support!


Greetings!  Since I arrived home from Namibia last March, my part-time job was on hold and I had to stay at home for a while.  I have spent more time with God (praying, reading, worshipping) every morning than ever before.  I have been doing a lot of housework such as painting my mailbox, external lights, fixing a hole on ceiling in my garage, pressure washed on my driveway, etc.  I was able to keep myself busy.  I also have been keeping in touch with leaders that we have trained in Africa.  They are continuing to translate despite coronavirus still around.  Pray for them for wisdom, guidance, protection to continue their work.

While I’m at home, I took some opportunities to raise support.  While it’s difficult to ask churches to support because they are using their funds to help those who are in need and some of them are closed for a while, I was focusing on people who may be willing to support me.  At the beginning of this year, I was at about 25% and now I managed to get new supporters recently, up to 67% right now.  With 67% I have so far and enough money in my ministry account, Wycliffe Associates and I have decided to have a full-time job at Wycliffe Associates, starting on June 1st!   Praise the Lord!  I still have to raise support until I reach 100%.  Pray for me to reach that goal this year!

As for missions, I do not have any workshops scheduled yet.  Hopefully, God will give us opportunities to go out and train new deaf translators soon.  We have plenty of new contacts from Africa for potential workshops in near future.

Thank you very much for supporting me especially during pandemic!  Please continue pray for me.  Blessings!

Namibia – Final Report

Greetings!  I wanted to let you know that I arrived home safely last Thursday (March 19th).  I’m also happy to report that Namibia event was a success!  My colleagues (Peter and Niko) and I were travelled to Namibia and arrived there on March 7th.  With all COV-19 going on, there was very minimal risk in Africa.  Back then, Namibia didn’t have any case of COV-19.  So we started a workshop with 7 deaf translators.  They made some good progress.  A week later, COV-19 was spreading so rapidly that Namibia just had 2 cases of COV-19.  The president of Namibia decided to ban travel to some countries.  One of countries is Qatar which was part of my travel itinerary.  So I looked for other flights and found a flight to South Africa.  But the problem is South Africa just made announcement that they ban countries included USA that have high-risk of COV-19 starting on Wednesday.  So my director and I decided that I should go home before it’s too late.  So I left Namibia on Tuesday.  It’s very surreal.  My colleagues were staying because they’re Africans (they live in Zambia and Swaziland).  We figured their flights would be okay.  My colleagues did a great job to finish a workshop.  Despite their flight cancellations, both of my colleagues have arrived home safely.

I posted some pictures at workshop below.  I hope you enjoy it!

The workshop was held at deaf center in Windhoek, Namibia.  Iceland donated to build this center few years ago.  It’s really nice.


They were doing Bible translation work and practicing verses in their sign language.


They did a final filming and editing videos.  Niko did a great job to train them for tech work.  Deaf translators have completed 7 chapters of book of Mark.


Pictures with my colleagues and group of translators


My colleagues and I were staying at beautiful Roof of Africa.  Their hospitality was wonderful.  The food was fantastic.


Thank you very much for your support and prayers!  I don’t know when will my next trip.  It may take a while before I go on next mission.  Keep praying!  God bless you all!


Greetings!  Hope you’re all doing well in 2020!  I’m planning to go to DOT workshop in Namibia very soon.  I will fly on Thursday (March 5th), arriving Namibia on Saturday morning.  There will be 7 deaf translators in workshop for 2 weeks.  I’m looking forward to train them for Bible translation and help them to understand God’s Word.  Please pray for protection during flights and workshop, provision, wisdom, and guidance.   Thank you for your support!



Great Success!!!

Greetings!  I’m happy to report that DOT workshop was very successful in Maseru, Lesotho.  There were 12 deaf translators who did a amazing job to complete 14 chapters of Mark.  Translation work is difficult and time-consuming but they made it through.  I post some great pictures below.  Check it out!

The workshop was at Scripture Union.  We did worship and started to teach them for translation work.


We were getting ready to set up a studio room for filming.  Next day, they did translation on final filming.  They also did edit videos after filming.


We did our own church service on Sunday.  We preached and shared testimony.  Later on same day, 6 deaf people were accepted Jesus as Savior in their hearts.  Praise the Lord!


The local media came by our workshop.  We showed them around and did interviews with them.  Later at night, they did a story about us on TV!


Lesotho is called Mountain Kingdom.  We wanted to go out to see landscape in Lesotho. So, we did a trip to Maletsunyane Falls on weekend break.  Landscape was absolutely amazing.  Waterfall is so spectacular!  Pictures don’t do justice!


They surprised me with my birthday party.  It was wonderful!


On final day, we received Lesotho hats as gift.  It’s beautiful.


Pray for them to continue their translation work after workshop.  They have a desire to have a deaf church in Lesotho.  May God bless them abundantly! 

My First Mission of 2020 is….Lesotho!



Greetings!  Hope you all have enjoyed Christmas and New Year’s Day!  I have enjoyed a month-long rest since Fiji event.  And now, I’m going to start 2020 with a bang!  I will leave for Lesotho which is located in southern Africa on this Friday (January 3rd).  There will be Bible translation workshop for deaf Christians in Lesotho for 2 weeks.  Really looking forward to it!  Please pray for me to arrive there safely and guide me to teach them and lead them.  Thank you for all your continued support!


Merry Christmas!!!


Greetings to everyone!  I just want to say Merry Christmas to everyone!  May God fill you with abundant joy!

2019 was most busiest and productive year for me.  I’m so glad for opportunities to grow for God’s Kingdom and myself in spirit.  I know God has working in me every day.  Will continue to learn every day.

In past year, I have met a lot of wonderful people in 9 countries who worked hard to translate God’s Word in their own sign languages.   I have seen people who sacrificed their time to serve the Lord and others.  They’re such a great example for all of us.  I’m truly blessed to have them in my life.  I’m very exciting for 2020 and looking forward what God plans for us!

May God bless you with a joy, loving and peaceful celebration this Christmas and all throughout the 2020!

Fiji – Final Report

Greetings everyone!  I came back home last Saturday from Fiji.  Needless to say, I was exhausted from long flight home and took time to adjust time difference which is 18 hours between Fiji and home.  Anyway, I’m happy to report that deaf translators were doing well that they have completed a whole book of Mark!  They worked hard to translate which can be difficult but they managed to complete by helping each other constantly.  I really enjoyed to watch their progress during 2 week workshop and make sure they were following our methodology.  I pray for them to continue to do translation in other books of New Testament.  After took so many trips to Africa in past, it was a nice change for me to learn Fijian culture, sign language, food, customs, etc.  Fiji is an absolutely beautiful country.  The water surrounding islands is spectacularly blue.  Never seen so much blue water in my life!  🙂

I want to share our pictures in Fiji during 2 week stay.  Check out pictures below!


Sammy Ropp, Pastor Chris Hughes and I went on trip to Fiji from USA.  When we arrived there, we went on bus for few hours and then took a boat ride to smaller island in Fiji.


We had a church service on Sunday.  It was wonderful experience especially the beach nearby.


After worship and devotion, the workshop began.  We taught them how to do translation in their sign language.  The progress went well for them.


They did final filming and video editing.


Fellowship, preaching, and last day of workshop


The beauty of Fiji


I hope you enjoy it!  It has been a great year for me.  I went to 10 different countries for missions in 2019.  Definitely not what I was planning at beginning of the year but I’m so glad to have opportunities like this.  Pretty soon, I will go to Lesotho in Africa for DOT workshop on January.  I’m really looking forward what God plans for me in 2020.  Should be an interesting year!  God bless you all!

Fiji trip!

Bula!  It means hello in Fiji.  It has been a while since I last blogged which is 2 months ago.  After many missions trips this year, I have decided to get some rest for 2 months.  Plus I need to raise financial support from individuals and churches.  I have not yet meet the support goal but I have made some progress.  Please pray for me to find more supporters and meet the financial goal.

Tomorrow (November 21st) I will go to Fiji for Bible translation workshop.  Fiji is located in southwest Pacific Ocean, near Australia and New Zealand.  Anyway, I will lead the workshop there and train them to translate their Fijian sign language.  It’s my first time to go Pacific Ocean region.  I’m really exciting to learn their culture, customs, food, sign language, etc.  There will be 3 of us on team, pray for us to arrive Fiji safely and guide us to train deaf translators.  Of course, I will share some pics with you for this trip.  God bless you all!


Zimbabwe Report – A Success!

Greetings to all!  God bless you all!  I’m happy to report that Zimbabwe workshop went very well and have exceeded my expectations.  All 8 deaf translators have completed 2 chapters each which means a whole book of Mark is completed (16 chapters).  Praise the Lord!  They worked very hard to translate their Zimbabwean sign language.  They really helped and encouraged each other.  I’m very impressed!  I pray that they will continue to work on other books such as John, Matthew, Luke, etc.  I would like to share with pics we took during 2 weeks in Zimbabwe.

Nzeve Deaf Center in Mutare, where our workshop held.


We began the workshop with worship God and do devotions.  We did teach them our methods of how to translate God’s Word into their sign language.


They drafted with their chapters and do some checking.


After they done with extensive checking, they started to do final filming their chapters.  Due to lack of power in Zimbabwe, we used batteries to run filming lights.  Tech people also did editing work on videos.


On weekend break, we went to Vumba Mountains and a local luxurious resort.  We did hike up the mountains and enjoyed the views.  


We went to church.  About 40 deaf attended.


We went to deaf school in Harare on last day before we leave for home.  They teach deaf for life skills such as carpentry, cooking, sculpting, etc.


Some group pictures and random pictures…


Thank you very much for your prayers!  It greatly helped us!

God bless you all!