Kavumu Deaf School in DR Congo

Greetings! I just got back from Kazakhstan on October 20th and stayed in America for a week and then traveled to DR Congo for deaf school in Kavumu. Needless to say, it was exhausting but it’s well worth it! We made a lot of planning for months for this trip. On October 27th, we traveled to Kigali, Rwanda and then stayed for a night. Next morning, we took a scenic ride to Bukavu, DRC where we stayed for 4 nights. We went to deaf church in Bukavu. We enjoyed our time there. On next day, we had a big event at deaf school in Kavumu. We gave backpacks with school supplies for every kid at school and we enjoyed fellowship with them. Deaf kids at center really enjoyed painting. We had few meetings with leaders and we encouraged and gave them some advice. We will continue to support a deaf school so they can continue to learn and have a productive life. I will share a lot of pictures below. I hope you enjoy it!!!

We arrived in Kigali, Rwanda and took a bus ride to Bukavu DRC. Rwanda is such a beautiful country. The ride was a stunning scenery.

After we arrived in Bukavu safely, we went to deaf church in Bukavu on next day. We preached, worshipped and prayed together. It was awesome!

We went to deaf school in Kavumu on next day. It was joyful to watch deaf kids at school. They performed songs and do sign language. We gave them backpacks with school supplies. Fun day at school!

We went to deaf center where some kids sleep there. Some of them are orphans. We did a painting activity for kids. They were enjoying! We did a meeting for teachers and they need some help to support them. We also gave some backpacks to other deaf school, they were happy.

We also took another meeting for school and plans. We gave some advice to support a deaf school. We did a fellowship and enjoyed homemade Congo food. It was great!

We went back to Rwanda for a trip back home. We stopped by a beautiful coffee shop and met couple of deaf women who work there. I also went to deaf owned shop that sells beautiful products made by deaf. We did a fellowship with Patrick & his pregnant wife and friends. I’m thankful for Patrick to help and guide us in Kigali.

I will post a blog later about supporting a deaf school in Kavumu. They need our help to provide their needs monthly. Pray for them! Thank you for your time!