Fiji – Final Report

Greetings everyone!  I came back home last Saturday from Fiji.  Needless to say, I was exhausted from long flight home and took time to adjust time difference which is 18 hours between Fiji and home.  Anyway, I’m happy to report that deaf translators were doing well that they have completed a whole book of Mark!  They worked hard to translate which can be difficult but they managed to complete by helping each other constantly.  I really enjoyed to watch their progress during 2 week workshop and make sure they were following our methodology.  I pray for them to continue to do translation in other books of New Testament.  After took so many trips to Africa in past, it was a nice change for me to learn Fijian culture, sign language, food, customs, etc.  Fiji is an absolutely beautiful country.  The water surrounding islands is spectacularly blue.  Never seen so much blue water in my life!  🙂

I want to share our pictures in Fiji during 2 week stay.  Check out pictures below!


Sammy Ropp, Pastor Chris Hughes and I went on trip to Fiji from USA.  When we arrived there, we went on bus for few hours and then took a boat ride to smaller island in Fiji.


We had a church service on Sunday.  It was wonderful experience especially the beach nearby.


After worship and devotion, the workshop began.  We taught them how to do translation in their sign language.  The progress went well for them.


They did final filming and video editing.


Fellowship, preaching, and last day of workshop


The beauty of Fiji


I hope you enjoy it!  It has been a great year for me.  I went to 10 different countries for missions in 2019.  Definitely not what I was planning at beginning of the year but I’m so glad to have opportunities like this.  Pretty soon, I will go to Lesotho in Africa for DOT workshop on January.  I’m really looking forward what God plans for me in 2020.  Should be an interesting year!  God bless you all!

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