Workshop completed!

Greetings! I’m happy to report that workshop in Sierra Leone is completed for 2 weeks. Last time I went on mission was March 2020. It’s so nice to get back on mission field after being on sidelines at home so long. As for workshop, it’s been a challenge for deaf translators. Most of them are struggling to understand the passages due to lack of education for deaf people in Sierra Leone but we all encouraged them and helped them to understand the passages. They have completed few chapters of Book of Mark. Pray for them to continue their project of translation in Sierra Leone.

We taught them to translate God’s Word into Sierra Leonean sign language.

The filming studio is setting up. The deaf pastor is translating God’s Word on filming.

We preached God’s Word at their deaf church. We shared and encouraged them. 5 deaf people were saved!

We gave them certificates for doing their good work for Bible translation.

My next mission will be in Democratic Republic of Congo on June. Please pray for this workshop will go well especially traveling and planning. Thank you very much for your support! God bless you!