2020 Summer Report

Hello all!

Last time I wrote a blog/newsletter was on May 26th.  There aren’t a lot of activities since then because of coronavirus, we couldn’t travel anywhere outside of US.  But I have been keeping in touch with leaders in Africa.  In some sign language groups in Africa, they are continuing to translate books of New Testament despite coronavirus.  I have been impressed with their enthusiasm and work ethic.  They are making sure they are safe from coronavirus by wearing masks and social distancing in workshops.  Some other groups are on hold due to restrictions by their governments.  

There is a good possibility that 4 sign language groups will complete New Testament by end of this year.  2 sign language groups in Cameroon (Anglophone and Francophone) and 2 sign language groups in India (Tamil and Malayalam).  There are few countries in the world that has multiple sign languages.  I’m really exciting for them to complete New Testament!

I have some prayer requests…

  1. Pray for sign language groups are continuing to translate this year. Protect them from coronavirus and enemy.  Wisdom and guidance to help them translate God’s Word into their sign language.
  2. Pray for DOT to continue to keep in touch with leaders from countries and outreach to sign languages groups that doesn’t have their sign languages in Bible yet.  
  3. Pray for other countries to open doors for us so we, Americans, can travel internationally. We can start workshops with deaf translators in their countries.

I’m doing well.  I’m taking MTI (Multicultural Theological Institute) online classes this fall.  It’s my fourth and last year to complete.  Really looking forward to learn more about God’s Word!  Since coronavirus started to spreading in America last March, I spend a lot more quality time with God and His Word than ever.  I’m much more spiritual than ever!

It’s been little difficult to raise financial support with coronavirus going on especially with churches.  Now that more churches are opening for services (in person), I’m going to start to reach out to local churches.  Pray for opportunities for churches to support me financially.

Thank you very much for your continued support!