I’m coming home soon!

Greetings!  The DOT workshop for Nicaragua completed today.  It was my first time to co-lead a workshop.  It was a learning experience.  The deaf translators did a great job translating the Scriptures into their heart sign language.  It was difficult for them but very rewarding.  They have completed 8 chapters in the Book of Mark.   The interpreters really worked so hard to help translators to understand the Word of God.  God bless them all!  I will miss them a lot.

I’m leaving for home tomorrow (October 14th).  Pray for me to arrive in Orlando safely.

I did preach at Assembly of God church in Managua last Sunday.  About 40 deaf people were there.  It was a great experience.

Weekend break

Greetings!  I finally have internet here.  We didn’t have internet at school for past few days.  So I wanted to share my pictures.  We took a break for a weekend and we went to Granada for a tour.  Get some popcorn ready and enjoy!

Granada is an oldest city in Central America.  We enjoyed to see old buildings in a city.

We took a boat ride to sightsee islands.  There are 365 islands and most islands have a single home.  It’s really beautiful.  We also saw Capuchin monkeys on islands.  They were very entertaining!

We went to hotel on islands for a lunch.  It’s gorgeous!

We went to park to see miniature buildings of Managua.  We also went to Masaya volcano.  It’s very active.  We did see at top of the volcano!


Day one at workshop in Nicaragua

Hola!   It was a long, tiring day but it’s all good!  We had 12 deaf translators who came today to learn to translate God’s Word into their Nicaraguan sign language plus we have 4 interpreters who work hard to help translators.   It’s challenging but definitely well-worth it!  Tomorrow we start to use tablets for drafting and recording.  It’s really exciting to see their sign language on Scriptures.  There is a great need for deaf Nicaraguans who needs to understand God’s Word by their heart language.

These pictures above are a deaf Christian school in Managua.  They have about 97 students from 1st to 12th grade.  They also have a Bible Institute for deaf.  5 students are enrolled this year.  It’s really awesome!

They are working to translate Book of Mark.  We hope they can complete it in 2 weeks.  Will post some updates later!