Deaf Russians in Türkiye

Greetings! We had a Bible translation event for Russians in Istanbul, Türkiye (Turkey) for 2 weeks. It was a great event for them. Their pastor had some experience doing on videos for years. They also brought in their own video equipment. They wanted to do their own filming. Normally we train people to do tech work like setting up equipment, recording, editing videos but Russians have a lot of experience. We just taught to do translation for their sign language. It was great experience for them. I pray for them to continue to do their translation in St Petersburg, Russia. Here are some pictures I took in Türkiye. Enjoy!

They did drafting in translation and did some checking. They discussed how to translate their sign language. It’s a challenge.

They did final filming for their chapters. They did complete 9 chapters of Mark.

Istanbul is a beautiful city with long history, culture and beauty. We really enjoyed our sightseeing.

Thank you for your time and your support! My next mission may be Nigeria for DOT event on May. Nigeria has one of largest populations for deaf people there. It’s essential for deaf people to know Jesus Christ. I’m looking forward to it!