Bye, Cameroon!

I’m leaving Cameroon today.  It’s been an awesome 2 weeks.  I have really enjoyed being with deaf translators and interpreters.  I have learned a lot from them and helped me to grow as a leader.  I’m very thankful for this opportunity and will forever remember their hospitality.  Here are some random pictures below.

Workshop pictures

Random pictures

This is my friend’s room in the dorm.  My room is similar to my friend’s.

Closing ceremony – we have given them certificates individually.  They gave me gifts that a deaf couple made.  It was wonderful.  Will miss all of them dearly.

I’m looking forward what God plans for me next…

Weekend break in Cameroon

We took a break from workshop and went to Mbalmayo, Cameroon for a tour.  We took boats on Nyong River and then hiked up to check out a huge tree that is 1200 years old.

Such a beautiful country!

We will get back to workshop tomorrow to work and check on their translation.  Pray for deaf translators to continue their translation work and give us wisdom and strength.

Cameroon DOT workshop

Hello!  I’m doing well in Cameroon.  This is my first time in Africa.  It’s been a great experience so far.  We’re working hard to teach them how to translate God’s Word into their sign languages (Cameroon French and English).  There are 12 deaf translators (7 – English and 5 – French).  I was so impressed with their speed, accuracy, and knowledge of the Bible.  They completed their chapters of Book of Mark more quickly than I expected.  Check out the pictures below!

Read, express, drafting for Book of Mark…

More drafting, group checking for accuracy and signing…

Final recording and viewing…

Worship and devotion

More pictures…

Thank you for your time.  Please pray for them to continue translating God’s Word until completion for New Testament.

Will post more pictures soon!