Zimbabwe trip

Greetings to all!  I’m making another trip to Africa soon, this time will be in Zimbabwe for Bible sign language translation workshop.  I will leave on August 30th, arriving in Zimbabwe on next day.  I will travel alone.  I will have 2 deaf Zambians on my team.  They will assist me to train deaf Zimbabweans.  Pray for us for guidance, wisdom, protection, good health.   Also, pray for all Floridians to brace for Hurricane Dorian, hopefully it will weaken or divert it to north without impact to American coasts.

I will update and share pictures with Zimbabwe DOT progress soon!  Blessings!



Greetings!  I’m very happy to say that Honduras mission trip was so wonderful.  We had an amazing time with deaf people in San Pedro Sula and at camp.  Pastor Marcos and his family, I just want to say thank you for your hospitality, letting us to stay at your home!  We really enjoyed it!

Pastor Marcos, his family and deaf leaders worked so hard to prepare for camp.  They chose this location for camp very well.  It’s beautiful landscape.  I want to share our pictures below.  Pictures really speak for themselves!  I hope you’ll enjoy it!


We were ready to leave for Honduras!  When we got there, we went to Puerto Cortes and Omoa for eating lunch and sightseeing.


We went to deaf school and played with kids.  Later, we had a meeting for preparation for camp.


They were getting ready to leave for camp.  They were happy to arrive at camp.  Later at same night, we were preparing for worship and preach.


We worshipped and shared God’s Word.  Great way to start a camp!


Beautiful landscape at camp!  We were looking forward for a busy day filled with activities and group sessions.


They were doing a play and then I was sharing my testimony and preached God’s Word.


They were doing crafts like making perfumes and lotions.  Afterwards, we did group sessions (couples, single men, single women).


We took a break from sessions and did activities such as swimming pool, playing soccer, games, and crafts.


Later at night, we gave bracelets with eagle charm to deaf leaders.

Pastor Brenda preached about salvation.  


Next morning, we worshipped and Pastor Marcos preached.  We also gave away clothes to people who are in need for clothes.


Group pictures!  It’s been a blessing!


Next year will be 20th annual deaf camp for Honduras.  We will definitely be there!  God bless you all!