Zimbabwe Report – A Success!

Greetings to all!  God bless you all!  I’m happy to report that Zimbabwe workshop went very well and have exceeded my expectations.  All 8 deaf translators have completed 2 chapters each which means a whole book of Mark is completed (16 chapters).  Praise the Lord!  They worked very hard to translate their Zimbabwean sign language.  They really helped and encouraged each other.  I’m very impressed!  I pray that they will continue to work on other books such as John, Matthew, Luke, etc.  I would like to share with pics we took during 2 weeks in Zimbabwe.

Nzeve Deaf Center in Mutare, where our workshop held.


We began the workshop with worship God and do devotions.  We did teach them our methods of how to translate God’s Word into their sign language.


They drafted with their chapters and do some checking.


After they done with extensive checking, they started to do final filming their chapters.  Due to lack of power in Zimbabwe, we used batteries to run filming lights.  Tech people also did editing work on videos.


On weekend break, we went to Vumba Mountains and a local luxurious resort.  We did hike up the mountains and enjoyed the views.  


We went to church.  About 40 deaf attended.


We went to deaf school in Harare on last day before we leave for home.  They teach deaf for life skills such as carpentry, cooking, sculpting, etc.


Some group pictures and random pictures…


Thank you very much for your prayers!  It greatly helped us!

God bless you all!