Egypt DOT Event

Greetings! I want to say Egypt workshop that started 3 weeks ago was a success. They have completed 5 chapters of Mark. They were really motivated to learn God’s Word and translated it to Egyptian sign language. These believers were born and raised in Christian families, they are not Muslim-background believers. Egypt is an interesting country with a unique culture. They are very friendly, hospitable and peaceful. Food was great, different from other African countries.

Pray for deaf translators will continue to complete more chapters of Mark and New Testament.

Parfait and I went to see Pyramids and Sphinx during a weekend break. We did a camel ride! Great experience in Egypt!

North Africa upcoming workshop

Greetings to all! I have a workshop coming up next week for Bible translation for their sign language. It will be in North Africa. There will be fewer deaf believers in this workshop because in this country, there are very large number of Muslims. See below for prayer requests.

Prayer requests

  1. Protection for me and my co-worker.
  2. Wisdom and guidance for leading this workshop and teaching.
  3. Communicate and understand their sign language.
  4. Deaf believers able to understand Bible passages and translate it into their sign language.

I’m really looking forward to it! Thank you for your continuing support!


National Deaf Fellowship in Austin, Texas

My church was invited to go to National Deaf Fellowship convention in Austin, TX. We were exciting to go there for our first time to attend NF convention. There were 10 of us. I went there as representative for missions. Others in my group were worshipping every night (4 nights). It was great to see some old faces and new faces. There also were workshops to benefit for us to learn. It was a great convention to meet especially after we went through COVID for past 2 years without seeing them in person. I’m sharing pictures and a video below. I hope you’re enjoying it!

(Click above for video.)

Next month I will go to a country in North Africa for Bible translation workshop. It’s a Muslim country. Praying for us for protection, safety, wisdom, and guidance for this workshop. So I’m really looking forward to it! Thank you for your support!

Madagascar Event Report

Greetings all! I’m happy to report that the event for Madagascar went very well. Every translator have completed their chapter. They did a great job translating, checking, correcting, and putting it into final filming. The 2 pastors served as interpreters did a good job to help them to understand the passages and encouraging them to do well.

We did a weekend break and decided to take a trip to see lemurs. The lemurs only exist in Madagascar. They are really joyful to watch. Very friendly!

We will have a retreat in Cape Town, South Africa next month. It’s an opportunity to get connected as a team. It’s been a while especially since COVID happened. Looking forward to it!

Please continue to pray for teams that I have trained them in the past. Thank you for your support! Blessings!

My Next Mission…

Greetings! I’m exciting for this trip to Madagascar for DOT workshop. I will leave on May 19th and will stay there for 2 weeks. Here are my prayer requests below…

  • All my flights will be on time.  No cancellations.
  • Help them to understand God’s Word better in Bible translation.
  • Wisdom and guidance needed for workshop.
  • For deaf in Madagascar to open their hearts for God’s Word in their sign language.

I will share updates for Madagascar workshop. Thank you for your continuing support!


Mozambique Update

Greetings all! I’m happy to report that this workshop in Mozambique was a success! There were 12 deaf translators and 1 interpreter. At the beginning of workshop, some were struggling to translate but they gained their understanding of God’s Word and finished their chapter assignments. They completed 14 chapters of Mark. It was great to see!

See pictures below for workshop.

Pray for them to continue to translate more books of New Testament in their sign language. Thank you for your support!

There is no mission coming up soon so I may have few months to rest and raise support for deaf school in Congo. Look for menu at top of this page and click on “Support Deaf Schools in Congo” on menu. Please check it out!


Eswatini SUN Workshop

Greetings! We just completed SUN workshop in Eswatini on March 11th. It was very productive week. We trained 4 facilitators every morning in a week and then later on afternoons, those 4 facilitators trained about 18 deaf illiterate while we observed. The facilitators did a great job teaching deaf with symbols to help them to understand better. The purpose for symbols is to learn symbols which is easier and quicker way to read God’s Word. Deaf illiterate are happy to learn more about symbols. I believe they will continue to learn more new symbols so they can understand God’s Word better.

Pray for Eswatini deaf to know about Jesus and salvation, learn more about God’s Word, and to be fruitful in their lives.

I’m currently in Mozambique for DOT workshop. There are some challenges, some deaf are struggling to understand the Bible. Pray for deaf to receive Holy Spirit so they can understand better in God’s Word. Thank you for your continuing support! I will update after this workshop completes. Blessings!

My next mission – Eswatini and Mozambique

Greetings! I will have another mission coming up soon! This time will be for Eswatini (formerly Swaziland) and Mozambique. The plan is go to Eswatini first for a SUN workshop (deaf illiterate) for a week. Then travel to Mozambique for a DOT workshop (Bible translation for Mozambican sign language) for 2 weeks. I will leave on Thursday (March 3rd). I need your prayers. See a list below.

My prayer requests:

  1. Pray for me to get my documents ready for this trip.
  2. Safe travel to Africa for Tim and me.
  3. Wisdom and guidance to lead workshops.
  4. For deaf in Eswatini and Mozambique to open their hearts for God’s Word.

I will update with news and pictures for these workshops. Thank you for your support!

Burundi SUN Workshop

Greetings! After DOT workshop completed, we started another workshop for SUN in Burundi. For those who don’t know what is SUN for, it called Symbolic Universal Notation. It is a program that brings Scripture to the illiterate deaf as well as the deaf-blind. Using a symbolic system of writing, the illiterate deaf who may not educated in sign language as well as the deaf-blind can read God’s word for themselves.

It would take years and years for illiterate Deaf to learn alphabet and words. With these symbols, they can learn much more quicker. In a week, they learned over 150 symbols!

The 4 facilitators from Kenya and Tanzania came to lead SUN workshop with me. In first 3 days, we taught 15 facilitators with symbols and pictures. Then on 4th and 5th day, we had 45 deaf coming to our workshop to learn SUN. 15 new facilitators trained 45 deaf with SUN tools. It went well. They were exciting to learn symbols! They are planning to do more in the future with more deaf illiterate in the villages.

Check out the pictures below. Enjoy!

We continued to train them with more symbols and prepared 15 new facilitators for 45 deaf coming in on next day.

On 4th day, 45 deaf came to learn symbols. We split them up into 7 groups with 2 facilitators on each group.

On 5th and last day, they continued to train them and did a great job of teaching 45 deaf. Afterwards, we handed them with certificates and took some pictures with them.

After 3 weeks of DOT and SUN workshops in Burundi, I went back home with complete satisfaction of knowing they can continue to do work on Bible translation of Burundian sign language and assist deaf illiterate for SUN. May God bless them abundantly!

Burundi DOT Workshop

Greetings! We just completed DOT workshop in Burundi last Friday (January 28th). It went very well. The translators did a great job to translate God’s Word into their Burundian sign language. We also trained 2 translators for editing videos. Pray for them to continue their translation work in Burundi. See pictures below. Some pics were taken by Sammy Ropp.

I’m staying one more week in Burundi for another workshop. It’s for SUN (symbols for deaf illiterate, it helps them to understand God’s Word). I will update soon. Blessings!