Burundi SUN Workshop

Greetings! After DOT workshop completed, we started another workshop for SUN in Burundi. For those who don’t know what is SUN for, it called Symbolic Universal Notation. It is a program that brings Scripture to the illiterate deaf as well as the deaf-blind. Using a symbolic system of writing, the illiterate deaf who may not educated in sign language as well as the deaf-blind can read God’s word for themselves.

It would take years and years for illiterate Deaf to learn alphabet and words. With these symbols, they can learn much more quicker. In a week, they learned over 150 symbols!

The 4 facilitators from Kenya and Tanzania came to lead SUN workshop with me. In first 3 days, we taught 15 facilitators with symbols and pictures. Then on 4th and 5th day, we had 45 deaf coming to our workshop to learn SUN. 15 new facilitators trained 45 deaf with SUN tools. It went well. They were exciting to learn symbols! They are planning to do more in the future with more deaf illiterate in the villages.

Check out the pictures below. Enjoy!

We continued to train them with more symbols and prepared 15 new facilitators for 45 deaf coming in on next day.

On 4th day, 45 deaf came to learn symbols. We split them up into 7 groups with 2 facilitators on each group.

On 5th and last day, they continued to train them and did a great job of teaching 45 deaf. Afterwards, we handed them with certificates and took some pictures with them.

After 3 weeks of DOT and SUN workshops in Burundi, I went back home with complete satisfaction of knowing they can continue to do work on Bible translation of Burundian sign language and assist deaf illiterate for SUN. May God bless them abundantly!

Burundi DOT Workshop

Greetings! We just completed DOT workshop in Burundi last Friday (January 28th). It went very well. The translators did a great job to translate God’s Word into their Burundian sign language. We also trained 2 translators for editing videos. Pray for them to continue their translation work in Burundi. See pictures below. Some pics were taken by Sammy Ropp.

I’m staying one more week in Burundi for another workshop. It’s for SUN (symbols for deaf illiterate, it helps them to understand God’s Word). I will update soon. Blessings!