Greetings!  Since I arrived home from Namibia last March, my part-time job was on hold and I had to stay at home for a while.  I have spent more time with God (praying, reading, worshipping) every morning than ever before.  I have been doing a lot of housework such as painting my mailbox, external lights, fixing a hole on ceiling in my garage, pressure washed on my driveway, etc.  I was able to keep myself busy.  I also have been keeping in touch with leaders that we have trained in Africa.  They are continuing to translate despite coronavirus still around.  Pray for them for wisdom, guidance, protection to continue their work.

While I’m at home, I took some opportunities to raise support.  While it’s difficult to ask churches to support because they are using their funds to help those who are in need and some of them are closed for a while, I was focusing on people who may be willing to support me.  At the beginning of this year, I was at about 25% and now I managed to get new supporters recently, up to 67% right now.  With 67% I have so far and enough money in my ministry account, Wycliffe Associates and I have decided to have a full-time job at Wycliffe Associates, starting on June 1st!   Praise the Lord!  I still have to raise support until I reach 100%.  Pray for me to reach that goal this year!

As for missions, I do not have any workshops scheduled yet.  Hopefully, God will give us opportunities to go out and train new deaf translators soon.  We have plenty of new contacts from Africa for potential workshops in near future.

Thank you very much for supporting me especially during pandemic!  Please continue pray for me.  Blessings!