Honduras Deaf Camp

Hola!  I want to share my experience for deaf camp in Honduras.  This was my second trip for Honduras mission.  I was looking forward to help deaf people who are in need to understand God’s Word in Honduras.  The camp theme was “Jesus is my anchor”.  I was assigned with 2 brothers in Christ to teach single men group.  We had a very good workshop with them.  They seem to understand what we taught.  We also had a wedding for 3 young couples in the camp.  I’ve never been to Latin wedding before.  It was very interesting.  Check out the pictures I have taken in Honduras below.  Get your popcorn ready and enjoy!

This section below is deaf school in San Pedro Sula.  We went there to see young deaf students.  They were very happy to see us.  We sang and told stories.  Later, we gave school supplies to students.  We had a great time with them.

Next section is deaf camp.  We worship, taught, performed, and had fellowship with them.  We had a blast time with them!   Most are very poor so we gave them clothes, towels, accessories, etc.

100_1279 (2)

Next, the wedding pictures.

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