Impressive workshop!

Hello!  God bless you all!  I’m happy to report that deaf Brazilian translators have completed a whole Book of Mark and a half of Book of Acts in Libras (Brazilian sign language).  They have worked so hard for 2 weeks.  I was so impressed!  They encouraged and supported each other when things were difficult.  There is a lot of unity in diversity among deaf.  They came here from different regions in Brazil.  They also come from different backgrounds and church denominations.  They will have another DOT workshop in Rio Grande, Brazil in early next year.  I’m looking forward to see them again.   I should mention that interpreters have done an amazing time with deaf translators.  They showed a lot of hard work, patience and encouragement.

I post some pictures that I took.  Below are camp buildings and soccer field.  I had so much fun playing soccer on one night!


You can see a chart below that they have completed a whole Book of Mark and a half of Acts.100_0963


Devotions, worship, workshop, and city of Brasilia pictures below.

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