Greetings!  Sorry I haven’t blog since Honduras trip.  It’s been hectic for past 2 months.  I was so busy with work and making plans for Master’s Hands camp and Nicaragua DOT workshop.  Also, survived through Hurricane Irma and my house took some hits.  There were some roof shingles missing.  Nothing major, the roof can be replaced.  My insurance will take care of it.  Biggest surprise is I still have power during the whole time!  But I feel bad for people who still don’t have power especially in south Florida.  Many lost their homes.  A lot of disasters are happening in this nation, coast to coast.  There are still fires in the west.  People are suffering and they need our support and prayers.  Someone left a link in my email.  Link – Interactive map.   You can see what’s happening in our country.  Please continue to pray for them.

Master’s Hands retreat camp is coming up very soon, starting this Friday.  I’m exciting!  Tim Smith, a deaf evangelist from Texas, will come to preach God’s Word.  Look forward to this weekend.

Lastly,  DOT Nicaragua plan is starting to come together.  I will lead a group with Lidia Powlison.  This is our first time to lead a workshop.  This will benefit us for our experience.  Really looking forward to see deaf people in Nicaragua!

Will update with camp and workshop soon.

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