Great Success!!!

Greetings!  I’m happy to report that DOT workshop was very successful in Maseru, Lesotho.  There were 12 deaf translators who did a amazing job to complete 14 chapters of Mark.  Translation work is difficult and time-consuming but they made it through.  I post some great pictures below.  Check it out!

The workshop was at Scripture Union.  We did worship and started to teach them for translation work.


We were getting ready to set up a studio room for filming.  Next day, they did translation on final filming.  They also did edit videos after filming.


We did our own church service on Sunday.  We preached and shared testimony.  Later on same day, 6 deaf people were accepted Jesus as Savior in their hearts.  Praise the Lord!


The local media came by our workshop.  We showed them around and did interviews with them.  Later at night, they did a story about us on TV!


Lesotho is called Mountain Kingdom.  We wanted to go out to see landscape in Lesotho. So, we did a trip to Maletsunyane Falls on weekend break.  Landscape was absolutely amazing.  Waterfall is so spectacular!  Pictures don’t do justice!


They surprised me with my birthday party.  It was wonderful!


On final day, we received Lesotho hats as gift.  It’s beautiful.


Pray for them to continue their translation work after workshop.  They have a desire to have a deaf church in Lesotho.  May God bless them abundantly! 

4 thoughts on “Great Success!!!

  1. Indeed it was great and learning new things to change in Sign Language n i learn alot and im willing to buy Limo studio Equipment and Camera for my Association if i got some fund.. True i thanks Mark,Niko,Makhosoni and Brian and all Deaf Lesotho who there to participate this work… Thank you God for allowing to give this team to train us on Words of God while we were struggle in our different Church culture,but this Translations Bible workshop opening out eyes to hear what this people delivery to us and teach some deaf in different communities about the words of God in Sign Language Amen..

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