Day one at workshop in Nicaragua

Hola!   It was a long, tiring day but it’s all good!  We had 12 deaf translators who came today to learn to translate God’s Word into their Nicaraguan sign language plus we have 4 interpreters who work hard to help translators.   It’s challenging but definitely well-worth it!  Tomorrow we start to use tablets for drafting and recording.  It’s really exciting to see their sign language on Scriptures.  There is a great need for deaf Nicaraguans who needs to understand God’s Word by their heart language.

These pictures above are a deaf Christian school in Managua.  They have about 97 students from 1st to 12th grade.  They also have a Bible Institute for deaf.  5 students are enrolled this year.  It’s really awesome!

They are working to translate Book of Mark.  We hope they can complete it in 2 weeks.  Will post some updates later!

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