Nicaragua, here I come!

Greetings!  Tomorrow morning (September 30th), I’m flying to Nicaragua.  It’s for Deaf Ownership Translation workshop, where we will teach deaf Nicaraguan translators to translate God’s Word into their sign language.  I will be staying at deaf school in Managua for 2 weeks.  Really looking forward to meet deaf people and learn their sign language and culture.  Needless to say, I’m so ecstatic!  Please pray for deaf translators and interpreters to be able to understand God’s Word and their best ability to use their sign language on video doing Scriptures.  Pray for 3 leaders included me to arrive in Nicaragua safely and guide us to help and communicate with them.  We need His protection, wisdom, peace and comfort.  I will post updates and pictures when I can during 2-week workshop.  In case you don’t know where Nicaragua is, see the map below.  It located in Central America.

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