Nigeria SUN Event

Greetings! The event was great for all of us. For those who don’t know SUN, Symbolic Universal Notation (SUN) is a program that brings Scripture to the uneducated deaf who can’t read as well as the deaf-blind. Using a symbolic system of writing, the deaf who may not educated in sign language as well as the deaf-blind can read God’s word for themselves. It’s difficult for deaf to learn the alphabet and words which takes very long time to learn. With these symbols, they can learn quickly and may take weeks to know God’s Word. As Adefala Alaba in Nigeria said, “SUN is not a substitute to any Sign Language but it’s rather a compliment.” God has always find ways to reach out for uneducated deaf and deaf-blind people. We did have a deaf-blind man participated in this workshop. He was happy to learn symbols and want to learn more! I want to share some pictures during the workshop.

We taught symbols to deaf uneducated and facilitators. We normally use cards for symbols but this time we use PowerPoint to help them to learn more quickly.

It’s the facilitators’ turn to teach the deaf. One day, after the workshop ends, they brought SUN dictionary and Book of Mark to the hotel. They were really exciting to learn more about symbols and more importantly, God’s Word. They need to continue to teach more deaf people in Nigeria. There are over a million deaf people living in Nigeria. I believe they will do it!

There is a good possibility that we will have DOT (Bible translation for sign language) event in Nigeria next year. I’m looking forward to it!

This was my last mission for 2022. Right now, I’m taking a 2-month long break from missions. I will teach Bible seminary for deaf on January. My next possible mission may be on late February 2023.

Thank you for your support in 2022! It’s been a great year especially after COVID shutdown with many countries. God has opened the doors for us to go! Pray that there will be more opportunities in 2023! God bless you all!

2 thoughts on “Nigeria SUN Event

  1. Thank you for going teach SUN. This warms my heart to know God is using SUN to reach people with the gospel. Thank you Mike for being so faithful. I’m excited to see what God will do with SUN in 2023.

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