Eswatini SUN Workshop

Greetings! We just completed SUN workshop in Eswatini on March 11th. It was very productive week. We trained 4 facilitators every morning in a week and then later on afternoons, those 4 facilitators trained about 18 deaf illiterate while we observed. The facilitators did a great job teaching deaf with symbols to help them to understand better. The purpose for symbols is to learn symbols which is easier and quicker way to read God’s Word. Deaf illiterate are happy to learn more about symbols. I believe they will continue to learn more new symbols so they can understand God’s Word better.

Pray for Eswatini deaf to know about Jesus and salvation, learn more about God’s Word, and to be fruitful in their lives.

I’m currently in Mozambique for DOT workshop. There are some challenges, some deaf are struggling to understand the Bible. Pray for deaf to receive Holy Spirit so they can understand better in God’s Word. Thank you for your continuing support! I will update after this workshop completes. Blessings!

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