Final report for Malawi

Greetings!  After South Africa event, we went to Malawi for 2 week DOT workshop on April 15th to 25th.  The place where we held for workshop was in a remote area, far from cities.  There are really fascinating villages and people in the area.  A lot of mountains, trees, and ANTS!  I never had seen so many ants all over at lodge but they’re harmless.  Anyway, we had 10 deaf translators and they completed 6 chapters of Mark.  They were worked hard and understood the verses very well.  Pray that they will continue the translation work to complete Book of Mark and then New Testament.  I want to share a lot of pictures that Sammy Ropp and I took in Mua, Malawi.  I hope you enjoy it!


We did devotions and taught them how to translate God’s Word into their sign language.


Translators worked hard to translate and check their accuracy.  They did final filming at the end.


This was where we stayed at the lodge.  Beautiful place!


Mua School for the Deaf


We went to the deaf camp and church on the weekend.  We worshipped and preached God’s Word.


We went to villages and later went up to mountains.  We enjoyed seeing God’s creation, beautiful landscape.


Group picture!  I have been blessed to be surrounded great people!

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-30 at 12.05.28 PM(9)

One thought on “Final report for Malawi

  1. Great pictures Mike. Thanks for the report and special thanks for making this happen in Malawi. The Lord is at work in Malawi, and the Deaf have been ignored there for too long. This project of a Bible translation for the Deaf is going to change hearts. Praise to Him!

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