Weekend break in Benin

We took a break for a weekend from workshop.  We went to Ganvie, a city on the lake.  It’s really fascinating.  Ganvie is a village of roughly 20,000 people that stands on stilts in the middle of Lake Nokoue. The founders of the village fled there to avoid Fon warriors (Fon religious practice forbade their raiders from advancing on any people living on water), and in the roughly 500 years that have passed since, Ganvie has developed a prosperous culture within the constraints of life on the lake. The villagers of Ganvie travel almost exclusively by boat.  They also created man-made land for school and church.  So we took a ride on the boat through the village of Ganvie.


On next day, we went to deaf church.  A deaf pastor asked us to preach for his deaf people.  So we preached God’s Word and shared our testimonies.  I think there were 60-70 people in attendance.  We enjoyed our fellowship with them.

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