Peru Report

Greetings!  Two-week workshop just ended today. Deaf translators faced a lot of challenges but they persevered through workshop. Please pray that they will continue to translate and seek more deaf people to involve Bible translation work. I have enjoyed my time in Peru. The food was fantastic. I met truly wonderful deaf people in Lima.  I pray that the Lord will strengthen their faith and they are continuing to serve the Lord.  May God bless them abundantly!  Check out some pictures I have taken for 2 weeks in Peru.


Arrived in Lima, Peru, went to Korean church on next day to present about Bible translation for the Deaf.  We did sightseeing in Lima afterwards.


We trained deaf translators on first day.  Few days later, a translator did a final filming.


We went to Magic water show on Saturday night.  It was spectacular!


We went to deaf church on Sunday.  It was their 11th year anniversary.


We went to Peru Bible Society.  We had a great time with PBS deaf translators and interpreters.


Last day of workshop

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