First week of workshop in Ivory Coast

Greetings!  Just wanted to let you know that 10 deaf translators are progressing well in the workshop in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.  There were some challenges for them but they continue to work hard to translate God’s Word into their Ivory Coast sign language.  We are taking a break for this weekend.  We are looking forward to finish some chapters of Mark on this coming week.  Pray for us to continue to do translation work and provide some encouragement for them.


Teaching methodology for translation, devotions and translators read chapters for Book of Mark


A lot of drafting on tablets and checking for accuracy


Final filming


Deaf Church on Sunday

Benin Final Update

Greetings!  I’m currently in Ivory Coast, getting ready for DOT workshop starting tomorrow (Monday).  I want to update with Benin workshop which ended last Friday.  They started slowly but they managed to finish most of chapters at the end of workshop.  They completed 8 chapters of Mark with 2 more chapters nearly completed.  I’m blessed to know our brothers and sisters in Christ in Benin.  I pray that they will continue to translate to complete New Testament.

Please pray that deaf translators in Ivory Coast to give knowledge and understanding of God’s Word.  And also, provide protection, wisdom, and guidance.

Check out pictures below.  Some of them were taken by Sammy Ropp.  Enjoy!

Checking and Final Filming


Culture dance show and kids at deaf school


Final day of workshop

Weekend break in Benin

We took a break for a weekend from workshop.  We went to Ganvie, a city on the lake.  It’s really fascinating.  Ganvie is a village of roughly 20,000 people that stands on stilts in the middle of Lake Nokoue. The founders of the village fled there to avoid Fon warriors (Fon religious practice forbade their raiders from advancing on any people living on water), and in the roughly 500 years that have passed since, Ganvie has developed a prosperous culture within the constraints of life on the lake. The villagers of Ganvie travel almost exclusively by boat.  They also created man-made land for school and church.  So we took a ride on the boat through the village of Ganvie.


On next day, we went to deaf church.  A deaf pastor asked us to preach for his deaf people.  So we preached God’s Word and shared our testimonies.  I think there were 60-70 people in attendance.  We enjoyed our fellowship with them.

Update in Benin

Greetings!  Just wanted to share an update for our workshop in Benin.  We arrived in Benin on Sunday night and started Bible translation workshop on next morning.  There are 14 deaf translators and 3 interpreters.  They made some good progress for last 5 days.  We’re taking a break for this weekend and then go back to workshop on Monday for one more week.  Here are some pictures I want to share…

The workshop was held at deaf school in Abomey-Calavi.


Teaching methods of Bible translation


More pictures at workshop


Deaf children at school

Next mission….Africa! Again!

Greetings!  Hope you all are doing well.  After I got home from Peru, I only had a week rest before leaving for Africa today.  This time I will go to Benin for 2 weeks and then Ivory Coast for another 2 weeks.  I’m exciting for these Bible opportunities that God gives us.  I’m looking forward to see deaf translators in both countries.  Please pray for us to travel safe and for provision, protection, and guidance.  And also, pray for deaf translators to understand and learn about God’s Word and be confident in doing translation.

Ivory Coast often called as Cote d’Ivoire in French.  They prefer to be referred as Cote d’Ivoire instead of any other language.

Peru Report

Greetings!  Two-week workshop just ended today. Deaf translators faced a lot of challenges but they persevered through workshop. Please pray that they will continue to translate and seek more deaf people to involve Bible translation work. I have enjoyed my time in Peru. The food was fantastic. I met truly wonderful deaf people in Lima.  I pray that the Lord will strengthen their faith and they are continuing to serve the Lord.  May God bless them abundantly!  Check out some pictures I have taken for 2 weeks in Peru.


Arrived in Lima, Peru, went to Korean church on next day to present about Bible translation for the Deaf.  We did sightseeing in Lima afterwards.


We trained deaf translators on first day.  Few days later, a translator did a final filming.


We went to Magic water show on Saturday night.  It was spectacular!


We went to deaf church on Sunday.  It was their 11th year anniversary.


We went to Peru Bible Society.  We had a great time with PBS deaf translators and interpreters.


Last day of workshop

Next mission…Peru!

Greetings!  Just a brief blog here.  I’m preparing for my next mission for Peru.  I will leave on Saturday morning (January 19th).  I’m really looking forward to meet deaf translators and leaders in Lima.  Pray for flights arrive safely in Lima, Peru for all facilitators and a tech person, and also, pray for protection, provision, wisdom and guidance for all of us in the workshop.  I will update with progress and pictures in this blog.  Stay tuned!

peru flag map

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas

Greetings!  I just want to say thank you for your prayers and your support. It’s been an amazing year!  In 2018, I have gone to 5 countries for missions.  I especially enjoyed my experiences in Africa.  I met a lot of wonderful people there who worked very hard to translate God’s Word in their own sign language.  I’m very grateful to have a lot of opportunities to teach and train them.  I’m still learning every day.  It’s been a blessing.

In the first 5 months of 2019, I will go to Peru and 4 African countries for Bible-translation missions.  Really looking forward to mission-filled year!

May God bless you with a joy, loving and peaceful celebration on Christmas and all throughout the 2019!

Cape Town, Table Mountain, and African Penguins!

Greetings from Cape Town!  I have been here for few days and I can say I had an amazing time here.  We went to sightsee Cape Town, took a ride in the cable car to top of Table Mountain & explore on top flat peak of Table Mountain, and visit African penguins.  I took a ton of pictures.  Enjoy!

Spectacular view of Cape Town

At bottom of Table Mountain

On top peak of Table Mountain

More Cape Town pictures



African penguins!

I wish I can stay here any longer but I have to go back to America soon.  Pray for me to arrive home safely…

Workshop was a success!

Greetings!  I’m happy to inform you that DOT workshop in Zambia was a success!  The deaf translators did a great job to translate God’s Word into Zambian sign language.  They completed 11 chapters for the Book of Mark.  Pray that they will continue to translate and provide necessary things to keep it going.  Government officials came by on the last day of workshop to celebrate our closing ceremony.  Check out pictures below!


Closing ceremony